COO Nancee Ronning Shares How BNSF Logistics Delivers What Matters

We're excited that Supply Chain Best Practices chose to feature our COO, Nancee Ronning, in a recent case study!

In Supply Chain Best Practices' spotlight, Nancee shares how BNSF Logistics delivers what matters to its employees, customers, suppliers and communities. With over 20 years of executive experience growing companies, Nancee’s unique perspective has allowed BNSF Logistics to position itself for strategic transformation.

Check out the 'Supply Chain Case Studies' to learn more about:

  • The promise and power behind BNSF Logistics
  • Turning words into actions during COVID-19
  • Making bold investments to remain a leading provider in logistics

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“We stand out as an organization because even in times of difficulty, we live by our guiding principles and continue to invest in the growth of our people and our business.”
- Nancee Ronning